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About @WilliamLeeuw:

And when you think that you know me good, check then this out: https://quizabout.me/quiz/402719

  • his real name is: William James Roolvink                                          
  • he is 11 ! since 2 august! 
  • he is a boy
  • he like it to write story`s
  • and he love to play chess
  • he is owner of Chess will ( please challenge the club )

this is the first good blog: The emergence of chess.

  • and he love it to make puzzles
  • this is a example of one of his puzzles

And he like it when you follow him.

And you also because I make nice things.

And please follow me!

For that do he hav some nice tips, 

#1, don´t think that you can win always..

#2 do not think that you are SO good ( ¨ I am the best ever!!!¨ ), there are always better players ( exept Magnus Carlsen but he lose too ), and think: ¨ I am always defeated by some other players...¨