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Before i tell about me, pls meet the most important frnd in my life, @esmeow u know we go through some situations in life which we cannot express in words. Meeting @esmeow was just like that to me. we met in odd circumstances and came out to be the most heart touching relation of my life. I have never met her physically but there has always been an iconic remembrance of her cute talks and love she has in her care, my heart keeps missing her. thanx for being my friend @esmeow there could nothing happen better than talking u pls always be happy, smile u r such a cute, caring, sweet, loving person, u'll get every happiness anyone canever get.

her words just make me happy and cheered up in every and any situation


u r my best frnd, greatest dessert of my life. live happy.
so..,hey everyone. i am a 16 year old chess enthusiast who love making frnds and talking . i am a bit childish than my age but that's who i am. I really  love everything about technology and i want to make worlds first ever iron man suit. Tough some people tell me that its a childish dream but what i think is, there is a thing called ZONE OF AVOIDANCE through which we cannot see anything due to absence of galaxies....... yes absence of galaxies, so if there is any thing possible like that, then  anything what we can see, can't see ,think, dream   is possible in this world. 


why i love ironman? well that don't have any appropriate answer becoz u don't love anything for a reason, u luv it becoz u luv it....... But what i find interesting in him is, though i can't list everything but still, he cares for everyone, the level of insane he operate at which others usually can't comprehend, he do what he like and never thinks abut world, he is what he is whether on ur face  or on back no double faces, etc etc

 and also i really love the AVENGERS 

well why i love them is also not having any appropriate.......(as i said above) but they fight each other , they care each other and they fight for world for no reason but for they r avengers. what it means that they have accepted the realisation that the closest people can have biggest distances which makes their relation so beautiful.............

My one more dream other than iron man suit is to go in MIT.

WELL...... that's all. and yess as i said i love making frnds i've got some very great frnds.  

Riyawq.png, esmewq.png, soumya, dakotahwk.png, lord, jasmine. love u all guys and i m glad to have u as my frnd.