Welcome to my profile. I’m truly honoured that decided you wanted to waste moments of your life to learn/listen about me. My name is Oliver and I am always looking to improve, whether it be in chess, life, or flight. (Flight is difficult) If I’m every online feel free to send a challenge or chat, although I may not answer cuz I’m busy or something (NOTE: atm I’m not really in a social state of mind, so it’s nothing personal). I’ll always accept friend requests, but rarely club ones.

I started playing chess about 3-4 years ago, having multiple accounts until finally getting goodish and settling with my current one. However, I started to get serious about chess early February and have since vastly improved. Check my stats if you want, I personally think that the gain is somewhat impressive

Since jointing this site I’ve met some truly amazing people and have had many interesting conversations, ranging from thermodynamics to the wind resistance of a penguin. Even though I don’t embrace the social aspect of much anymore, I’m grateful for all that my friends have done

Chess goals:

1700 rapid by end of 2021 (REACHED!)

2000 bullet by the end of 2021 (REACHED!)

1800 blitz by the end of 2021

2500 puzzles by the end of June (REACHED!)

45 survival puzzle rush by end of 2021 (REACHED!)

35 3 min puzzle rush by end of 2021 (REACHED! In a puzzle battle though)