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I have Hope is Faith
I don't know how long this damn plague will last in the world called Coronavirus.
It may take time, and there may even be times when you think that the burden of this disease is too much for humanity, but I know it will pass.

I have no doubt that we are strong enough to fight this disease and win. And with each step we take towards overcoming, we will be side by side, fighting and supporting each other.

We all have a lot to fight for, what to live for, my friends and that must be clung to. Our thoughts should always be focused on the good things in your life. We will always remain positive and confident, as healing depends a lot on it.

May the bright light of health, love and happiness come to bless our future days! Strength, World!
In this difficult time we have strength and faith in God, because He will be fighting alongside us to overcome this disease. !

You will not be afraid of terror at night or the arrow that flies by day.
Not from the plague that walks in the dark, nor from the death toll that plagues at noon.
No harm will come to you, nor will any plague reach your tent.
For he will give orders to your angels to keep you safe in all your ways.
They will hold you in their hands, lest you stumble with your foot in stone. (Psalm 91: 5,6,10-12 ACF)