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welcome to Rolls Royce Chess Club!

Hi all members happy.png!

We hope you can support us and join this club. This club is reserved for the active elite chess-loving chess players.

We are going to be a small group of very active members and inactivity is NOT acceptable.

Feel free to send all our SA's and A's a friend request once you join!grin.png

  • in our Chess event:
  • We are going to have different time controls!
  • Following will be the time controls in our tournament chess:
    1) 30 sec (ultra bullet)
    2) 1min (bullet)
    3) 1min + 1sec (bullet)
    4) 3min (blitz)
    5) 3min + 2sec (blitz)
    6) 5min (blitz)
    7) 5min+ 5sec (blitz)
    8) 10min (blitz)
    9) 10min+10sec (rapid)
    10) 15min+3sec (rapid)

We would really love it if you joined and became a part of us. We are an awesome bunch, with anything you would like. This is a fast  progressing chess club, with a world class daily match and vote chess team, live tournaments, and competitions that you have a chance to be the winner of.


Improve your chess with us. We have instructive content in our forums. Everyday, you get to communicate with other people in forums; we don't mind off-topic conversations! You also get to discuss with each other when doing puzzles, and see who is correct. We also have fun forum games for you to participate in.


We have lots of puzzles posted frequently. Some of them are very tricky

Daily Matches

We will have a lot of daily matches on our hands, also matches with premium prizes such as Gold, Platinum and Diamond membership prizes. We need YOU to come and help us. We will have new daily matches to sign-up for every single day.

Vote chess

An amazing vote chess team. Are you into vote chess on this site? Well, this is one of the best teams that you can be in for quality vote chess. We have discussions, about every move, where we chat about the positions in depth.  


                             Other interesting stuff in Rolls Royce Chess Club

1. Make a billion friends in this club. New friends are being made everyday. We would love to meet you too!happy.png

2. We discuss chess news, and get you updated on chess tournaments with strong players in them. We also sometimes analyse the games. 

3. We post chess content, and other things that can make you improve. 

4. We listen to what our members need and want and their suggestions and we accept rice and praise an we try and improve

active members is welcome and needed in this club. 

Apr 15, 1932


I do not allow members to advertise their clubs in mine. Please use the 30 invites per day chess.com allots you. You may invite any member of my club this way.

No advertising of any kind promoting your individual group (no avatars of any kind).


Sportsmanship and Fair Play


Vote Chess Guidelines

1. Winning at vote chess is all about teamwork.  If we work together, we'll play much better.

2. Everyone should feel free to post their ideas, no matter what their rating is.  Lower rated players can point out ideas that other players missed.

3. We should all hold off on voting as long as possible to give people more chance to discuss.

4. Once one of the team captains posts that it is time, we can all start voting, normally at the 24 hour mark.

5. Players who don't follow these guidelines may be removed from the game.


⚔️ Vote ᑕᕼEᔕᔕ PLAYER APPEAL: join our vote cheᔕᔕ⚔️

our (VCC) Vote Chess captain: @


“The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.” – Paul Morphy


we discuss back and forth and vote last 24 hours.

The longer our team spends discussing our candidate moves, the better we will play.

we prefer if people join in on the discussions, and that is the main part of these games, rather than voting without discussion first.

we want you to post if you spot a good move, and to hold off until the call before voting.

vote chess protocol requires that all voting is held to the 24 hour mark of the game

Pliz join Our ongoing Rolls Royce Chess Club Vote Chess:
PLEASE COME TO OUR CLUB  Rolls Royce Chess Club
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