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I'm 54 years-old and I've learned to play chess at 15. I am a Brazilian journalist at my home town, São Paulo, working in Brazil's greatest TV network, TV Globo. I have two articles published at at the "Skittles Room". I just love chess! I play it online or against the computer whenever I have time and eventually at my local chess club, which is very near to my home. I don't care too much for rating. Here are my chess ethics: if a game is balanced or better for me but I'm very short in time, I'll probably accept draw if you offer; if I am won, well, I'll try to win; if I am worst and my opponent has little time, maybe I'll offer draw; if I am lost and my opponent is short on time, I'll resign, unless the game have had a swindle (that is to say, I was at least equal and blunder a pawn or minor piece); if I blunder a piece in the opening for nothing, I'll resign in 99,9% of times. I will always thanks for a game, and I really appreciated when my opponent does the same. If my opponent: never thanks, disable chat, try to win totally lost positions on time, well, he has a very big chance to be blocked. In other words, I like to play chess, not "piece pushing".