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Ago 31, 2022
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13 oras na nakalipas
its ok harami :D
13 oras na nakalipas
13 oras na nakalipas
hope u get better
13 oras na nakalipas
I'm feeling kind of sick so I am sorry for not being on yesterday
1 araw ang nakalipas
panzer tbh I thought that was a plane wing
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Back to work

Back to work

Haramisblood | Nob 27, 2022
I have been gone for too long. I keep saying that I will do stuff for the clubs, I have become weak and useless here. I will not keep that up, that doesn't fit my personal standards. I am here to stay and I am not giving up as the leader. People should fear the power I will get, I will soon become the King of I will build this place up better then any other club, I will pick others up on the way. I can no longer keep hiding. The time is now... I will gain my respect back and I will...