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Frenkie De Jong Fan :)

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hun 25, 2018
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Sumusuportang miyembro mula pa noong Nob 30, 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt8MQR1TzIo Congrats to Ajax for an amazing champions league run......

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7stqLIRLBBg Also to Croatia on their 2018 World Cup ! 

 Closed : Too much of a patzer

Sorry! This member's account has been closed because he is too much of a patzer. If you feel this was an error, please contact chess.com staff. Thank you!

About a Patzer (me!) - 

Hi everyone! My name is BoboTheFlyingSheep67 and welcome to my profile! As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of the soccer team Real Madrid (my favourite player is Modric), my favourite chess player is GM Alexander Grischuk. (current world #9) Some of my favourite clubs on Chess.com are NARWHALS, The Chess Vikings and the Patzer Chess Club. Please join them. I will accept any daily challenges and will help analyze the game at the end (per your request). I started learning chess 6 months ago and, although I'm not the best player, I really enjoy playing. Thanks for viewing my profile! (Please check out my blog here)

Dictionary's Assessment of my chess skill

As you can see, I'm not very good at chess xD

Best Loss ( I don't really win any games, so...tongue.png)

Good one, right?

Favourite opening - 

The Evan's Gambit! Check out my post on the Evan's Gambit https://www.chess.com/blog/BoboTheFlyingSheep67/the-evans-gambit-a-complete-guide 

Recently, though, I've been experimenting with some irregular openings, such as 1.a3 (the Anderssen's opening)

My Chess Personality - 

Magician - Most of you who play me know this is true because I love to play aggressive chess happy.png

Chess accomplishments to this date (on Chess.com) - 
1. Coming second in an arena with a mighty score of 15W-26L-9D tongue.png
2. Achieving the NM (Not a Master) status here on Chess.com! 
3. Lasting more than 50 moves against @Vicariously-I
(I will constantly be updated this list with some of my accomplishments - but don't expect anything for a long time!)
Okay, thanks for looking at my profile! Don't forget to check out the clubs The Patzer Chess ClubNARWHALS and The Super Fun Club Also, please check out my blog, there's lots of cool articles that players of any skill level can profit from. Finally, and most importantly, remember that najbolje stvari nikad ne dolaze lako - Luka Modric (You can plug that into Google Translate if you want wink.png Over and out!)

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