Miyembrong Platinum

Hello, my name is Mohnishkirupaa Palani, and I am a chess player that has a USCF rating of 1500. I won 11th, tied for 5th, in the Los Angeles blitz open, I was UNDERRATED, there was one section, there were many GM's and FM's in my section, I beat a CM in the tournament, if you want proof, here is the link , I won the top prize fore U2100, and my online blitz rating was only 1200, I went up 200 RATING POINTS on ONLINE BLITZ RATING, FROM WINNING FROM THE TOURNAMENT, NOW I AM 1440. I got 90$ from winning the tournament. I was happy, I Cant believe I got the top prize for U2100. I FINALLY GOT 2K BULLET AFTER A 200 POINT TILT. FINALLY GOT TO 2.8K PUZZLES AFTER A 300 POINT TILT, AND NOW I AM AT MY PEAK! I WENT UP 300 POINTS IN 45 MINUTES AT SCHOOL! I WAS SURPRISED I GOT TO 2800! GRINDED 300 POINTS WITHOUT ME EXPECTING IT! I ACHIEVED IT THE DATE 4/28/2021!!!!!!! I AM SURPRISED I GOT TO 2800, MY PEAKKK!!!!

Please join the club Road To GM and COOLEST CHESS. We are trying to make it the biggest club in CHESS.COM. These club has Top and Skilled chess coaches, it has membership tournaments, and also you get a membership (Gold) for winning a puzzle battle membership race. Feel free to partner me in Bughouse or challenge me to play standard or any Variants. If you want to play Bughouse YOU MUST message me in discord, and we HAVE to voice call and play unless you really want to play and you don't have discord. So message me in discord if you want to play Bughouse. You can randomly challenge me in Standard or Variants chess. I also stream at ,please be sure to follow and help me be a Twitch Affiliate. I stream only Chess, I stream whenever I play in a tournament, and when someone wants to partner me for bughouse. Please help me get views, follows, and points. Please also join my twitch fan club, 

Tilted in Puzzles-lost 400 points from 2500-2100, but then i got up 200 points, then tilted 100 points, then FINALLY WENT to 2500!!! This happened every single day LOL!

Now in a SJCC BULLET TOURNAMENT I PLAYED, I lost 200 points becasue of the underrated bullet players that never play bullet but are over 1800 in rapid and stuff, but at least I got back to 1900, but I need to get back to my 2000