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Points to remember:- 

  • Openings:- (MUST know rules of chess)
    Must know Basics (<1000)
    Opening Tricks and traps (<1300)
    To know the theory (<1700)
    To know concepts in theory (<2000)
    To know the FULL theory (<2400)
    Now it is just progress & skill.

  • Middle Game:- (MUST know the logic in chess)
    Must know the principles (<1000)
    Tactics (<1200)
    Observation (<1500)
    Patience (<1700)
    Some more tactics (<2000)
    Studying Classical Games (<2400)
    And then it is all about progress, skill and creativity.

  • Endgame:- (MUST know all basic checkmates)
    Study everything and become Magnus (<World Champion)

  • General Chess:-
    Always find the best moves, no matter what
    Regular Game Analysis
    Solving puzzles and studying chess studies regularly as well
    Be patient, motivated and happy before starting the game and while playing the game
    Be alert ... 
    And a bit afraid & fearsome (under saturation, in control) as well. (Based on Chess Psychology)

    Must relax after the game
    Application and Consistency are a must!
    Do not resign unless extremely necessary
    Respect chess, for it is not asked but needed

    Classical Chess:- Real Chess, top priority (90+30 preferred)
    Rapid Chess:- Fine! (25+10 preferred, 15+10 is still fine!!)
    Blitz Ch:- Not worth it (5+3 preferred, 3+2 last priority, 3+0 is already not good)
    Bullet:- Do not prefer, NEVER

  • Quotes:-
    "CHESS IS LIFE" (My all time favorite)
    "Every game is a new game" ( @6Heisenberg9 told me when i was young)
    "Play opening like Giri, middle game like Tal and endgame like Carlsen" (Some random youtube comment)

  • Benefits of chess:-
    Just like everything else, chess can also teach you everything, but the way it teaches really stands out making chess heavily attractive to smart people.
  • Follow:-
    Anish Giri, Magnus Carlsen, Teimour Radjabov, Wesley So, Vishwanathan Anand, Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer etc.

About my chess:- (NOTHING MUCH)

  • Learnt at age of 8-9 (not sure)
  • I won my "first ever" competitive game with black pieces in 2014.
  • I drew my "first ever" clash against a rated opponent Swayham P Das (1412) with black in May,2017.
  • I lost my "first ever" rated game with white pieces against Rajveer Pinkesh Nahar Oct,2018.
  • I won 3rd best unrated Prize (INR 3500) in my first FIDE rated tmt :- 1st GUJ OPEN: CAT-C, with a score of 6/10
  • Then I got stuck into studies and hence, currently not active.

Other Than Chess

  • I had won school level and Zonal level gold medals in NSO and IMO from 2014-2020.
  • I had been a regular A grader just like almost every other chess player until I fell in love with chess.
  • Currently trying to acquire knowledge in physics and math!! I really love math and passionate about physics too!
  • I was interested in Pop music when I discovered it but soon lost interest after i discovered its artists. Now I listen to Rock/Rock-Pop music (Beatles, Kinks, Monkees, CCR and Dire Straits extensively). But still prefer Classical Music over it. Bob Dylan is amazing as well.
  • I don't claim to be wise human, but I have read and followed a quite some Philosophy, Psychology and Epistemology. 
  • I love doing research and gaining & sharing knowledge & perspective.

    PS:- Actually, I wrote this more for myself than others. xd