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Jan 7, 2018
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29/09/14 - Beat Albrecht Kalrusch (FIDE 2129 - with black at 5 0. I played the Hyper Accelerated Dragon and he answered with the Maroczy Bind. I have beaten much better rated opponents than this but have no idea who they are in real life.

04/11/14 - One of my favorite Tactic Trainer problems, which I got right! -

05/11/14 - Cracked the 'Live Chess - Blitz' 1700 mark, onwards and upwards!

12/11/14 - Broke through the 1900 Rating on Tactics Trainer, it's taken some effort and have spent just over 90 hours on tactics trainer since 28/11/13, but I must be making progress.

Next Goal: 1950, but no time limit, I will just be happy to get there.

12/11/2014 - Well that was easy, got to 1900+ early hours of the moring and now tonight, technically on the same day i've got to 1950+!!
Very very happy, I think when something clicks in Chess you make more of a big step than a gradual gain.
My next Tactics Target will be 2000. I know I will get there even though it may take 6-12 months, it may take 6-12 days, but there is no time limit on this goal.

Broke through the 2300 seiling in Chess Mentor. Although I don't use it that much I plan to, and it has taken me quite a while to move from 2200 to 2300. I will get to 2400 and hopefully it will be in 2015.