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Username: Rudy_Ibanez_2020

FIDE Rating: 2170

First name: Rudy

Last Name: Ibanez

I am a Pasig Kings Pirates player.

I am a Filipino National Master, Arena Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer and FIDE Arbiter focusing on training young aspirants to enrich their chess skills with main focus on strengthening the students endgame, middle game and creating a substantial opening repertoire that suits his / her playing styles. I have played several National Tournaments and a consistent grand finalists for the defunct Far East Bank International Chess Championships from 1998 until the last staging in the year 2000. I played in the 2010 ASEAN Age Group + which was held in the Philippines in Seniors Division capturing the team golds (Standard, rapid and blitz), individual golds (standard and rapid events) and garnered the silver in the individual blitz event. I've played also in Bangkok Challengers with respectable finish way back in the year 2013. Sometimes I joined day rapid events in the Philippines for pleasure and practice. I am a self trained player with no coach helping me to reach my potential that is why I decided to concentrate on studying the essential books and applying to teach it to younger students. My stint with young kids was successful enabling some of them to reach until the National, ASEAN, ASIAN and even the World Youth level excelling and bringing honors not only for themselves but also for the country. Some of them used their chess skills to apply as varsity players in different universities and were able to finish their studies. At present, I am the president of the Professional Chess Trainers Association of the Philippines with Asia's First Grand Master Eugene Torre as its Chairman. The association was the only group formed with the most outstanding coaches and trainers of the Philippines while some are school teachers who acquired their knowledge through a series of trainers seminars which I and several FIDE accredited trainers conducted. I have passed as a FIDE Trainer in the FIDE Trainer seminar which was held in the Philippines in May 2013. I am also a chess coach at present of Arellano University and Polytechnic University in Manila. My passion is to teach the kids ranging from 4 to 14 years old. I do personal tutoring on the side of some of the best representatives of regional and National Chess competitions conducted either by the Department of Education or the National Chess Federation of the Philippines. I have been awarded several trainers recognition as Resource Speaker from Developmental to Advance level by the Department of Education since 2016 until 2019. I have served as Resource person for several regional entities and the Professional Chess Trainers Association of the Philippines together with Grandmaster Eugene Torre. TITLES: Arena Grandmaster, Certified FIDE (World Chess Federation) Trainer (FT) Licensed FIDE Arbiter (FA) National Master Chess Tournament Clinic and Tournament Organizer Affiliations President, Professional Chess Trainers’ Association of the Philippines Secretary, Marikina Chess Federation (MCF) Member, National Chess Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (NCFP) President, Eastern Chess Organization (ECHO) Proprietor, Rudy Ibañez Chess Enrichment Systems (RICHES) Director,Chess Arbiters Union of the Philippines (CAUP) Philippines Arbiters Chess Confederation (PACC) The endgame is the way to start to learn all the essential fundamentals for an aspiring learner, the reason why I delved on it more. Then come the middle game with focused lessons in tactics and strategies ranging from the lowest level until the competitive level. Opening studies will depend on the students style and buiding his repertoire based on his typical approach and improving by building variations and trees to equip more of his opening superiority. During group classes, I prepare several topics by way of distributing handouts for the different levels together with my assistants. Each topics are discussed in the entire duration of the sessions and giving them homework thereafter consistent to the previous topics that had been discussed. If they have problems before the next session, I urge them to give a call so I can give them a follow up lecture for them to understand better. The homework before next session should be a thorough review.