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7 days ago
Member Analysis Auditions
by DanielRensch
7 days ago
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Two Important Topics: Psychology and Bluffing by ThrillerFan 3
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Bulldog Chess with Witch evert823 - Yo-thats-fresh by evert823 2
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5/23/2018 - Almus-Herman, East Germany 1957 by DailyFun 149
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Which Elite Chess Player of All Time Has the Most Natural Talent? by oneeight7even 348
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A New Word Game... keep a word/swap a word/ part four by Babytigrrr 10798
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What board/piece colors do you prefer? by Franquis 13
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The Science of Evolution (no politics or religion) by Elroch 21216
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can we hit 250 comments by MintWarrior 217
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Problems analyzing games by SmyslovFan 1
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WAht is the problem in this picture? by jjupiter6 4
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Why is 3.e3 considered better than 3.e4 in the QGA? by mecuelgalapieza 46
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Puzzle: Mate in 6 by tingtong99 17
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