2012 US Championship



No ShankyPanky.  What gives?


At a quick glance, precisely 1 of those players was born in the US (Robert Hess) a great indication of the chess melting pot that is the United States or an indictment of the native born talent? (Please don't bring race or xenophobia into this, I'm just stating a fact).


Vease, Grandmasters aren't compensated well enough in this country (for playing) for most of them to do it.

The vast majority of American-born players who could become GMs decide that it isn't worthwhile for them to do it financially.

Most of the GMs here, born in other countries, were already chess professionals in their home country (I'll leave out players like Reshevsky, Seirawan, Nakamura, and Lenderman, since they all arrived here at a young age).


I know, I was stretching a point there, Ray Robson may have been born in Guam but thats practically the 51st State! Seirawan comes across as American as apple pie as they say and Nakamura and Lenderman also grew up in the states. I just wonder what the attitude of home grown players who are kept out of their own championship by the likes of Onischuk,Akobian, Stripunsky and Shulman might be?


Vease, I'll choose the first one.  Remember, Stinetz won the first world championship match playing under the American flag.  Also, Robson was born in a US territory, Guam. Seirawan and Nakumura both learned to play chess as children in the US.  Also, not to bring up what has really been worked to death here, but Nakamura was born abroad to an American mother, and has always been a US citizen.  I suppose I object somwhat to the idea of the players being somehow less American because they were born elswhere and later became naturalized citizens.  But I have no reason to expect share the opinion on such maters with someone from a country with different laws and histroy.


I really am curious though.  Why isn't Sam Shankland participating?



@GenericZebra - Like I said, I'm not trying to start any arguments or get flamed here. The US has a long tradition of assimilating 'Foreign' players like Mason, Reshevsky, Benko, Kavalek, Shamkowitch etc,etc. Its a sign of how much the American Dream lay (or lies) in the consciousness of Eastern Europeans in particular that the country attracts such talent. However..Wink I remember seeing a quote (unattributed not surprisingly) in some Chess literature in the 1980's about a USA v USSR match at one of the Olympiads from a presumably bitter  American player who said the match was just 'our Russians against their Russians'. That kind of set me thinking about the whole qualification process for the US Championship.

I guess Sam Shankland isn't playing because his rating isn't high enough?


The games have started! Surprise already!:

Round 1:  GM blundered on move 11 & resigned! (Stripunsky vs Onischuk)