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2014 World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament

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    IM Silman (true Alekhine`s admirer) on Alekhine - Euwe 1937 match in his chess.com blog:

    The battle was hard fought, but Alekhine was two up with five games to go. Such a lead is pretty much decisive, and Euwe collapsed losing four games and drawing one. The final six game difference makes the match seem one-sided, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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    fabelhaft wrote:

    Comparing Anand and Kramnik, the former has done much better in the World Championship cycles where both have been playing. In the 1994-95 cycle Anand won the Candidates while Kramnik was eliminated by Kamsky, in 2007 Anand won the World Championship clearly, as well as the match against Kramnik a year later. Also this time Anand won, well ahead of Kramnik. So Kramnik has never finished ahead of Anand in a cycle where both have been playing, and never won a qualification for a title match like Anand did in 1994-95 (PCA), 1997-98 (FIDE) and this time (unified). So maybe one shouldn't have been so surprised about Anand's result, but I didn't think he would finish in the top half this time.




    A single tournament is little better than a dice roll between players of this calibre.

    But in any case I am happy for Anand.   I think he will work on his endgames and be better prepared for Carlsen.   It will be a great rematch. 


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