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Alekhine memorial starts on Sun!

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    Alekhine Mem R1 starts on Sun 16:00GMT (4pm IST) with Anand, Aronian, Kramnik, Svidler, Gelfand, Adams...

    Official site: http://www.alekhine-memorial.com/

    I think the opening ceremony will be live here http://www.alekhine-memorial.com/videos/2

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    Thank you for the website address. I was googleing it, but couldn't find anything :(

    Great that now I can follow it like I did candidates match - IMO this will be even better.

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    Interesting games currently being played...Aronian losing to Ding, mate in 9 apparently!


  • #4

    Aronian lost, Adams with the advantage with Black against Anand.

  • #5

    Wow, Ding played a great game against Aronian. Aronian's rooks looked like pawns. It's a great game for studying a slow / positional game.

  • #6

    Adams has just won against Svidler...2 out of 2, having beaten Anand yesterday. Aronian winning against Kramnik...


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    I read the title, and thought "aren't they going to be a little hot?"

    Good to see Adams on form though, and hope Aronian wins through against Kramnik, he's got something to prove in my opinion.

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    Aronian has just beaten Kramnik.

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    Good comeback from Aronian after losing against Ding yesterday.

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    Somehow it looks like every winner end up losing the next round!

    Liren, Kramnik, Adams..!


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