British Chess Championship 2011 starts today!!


Starts at 14:15 British Summer Time which is GMT + 1 I think (roughly 8hrs 40mins from the time of this post)? There will be online live commentary coverage by International Master Andrew Martin (that English guy who does all them ABC opening chessbase dvds) as well. Apparently it's the best lineup in over a decade with all the best British players taking part (except Luke McShane, not sure why).

I think the favourite has to be Micky Adams, but Nigel Short obviously has a say in the matter, not to mention Grand Prix Gawain Jones and David Howell. Simon Williams is another exciting player to keep an eye on, also Britiains new rising star IM Yang-Fan Zhou (17yrs old I think), maybe a breakout tournament for him?

Overall I'm really excited to watch this, hopefully it will generate a lot of international interest as well.

You can find all the details at this site:


Thanks for the info. I will definitely be paying attention to this. Too bad Mcshane is missing, but it will still be a great tournament to follow. It's always a plus when all the best players in a country actually show up to their National Championship. Unlike Nakamura for the United States Cry championship. (I understand why he did it, but I'm selfish and always want to see him play).

I think I'm going to cheer for that youngster David Howell. I would like to see him have a good tournament.


Any live commentary?  It was under Leyland chess in Livestream last year, but doesn't seem to be anything there yet.


Why no Luke McShane?