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Chess in Brussels?

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    Anyone know where i can play chess in Belgium? 

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    Best bet is to join a club I guess..

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    thanks Alexandra...can you suggest some clubs that i can join.. preferably english speaking club.. or a place where chess players in Belgium hang out?

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    I am not sure my friend, but i have found a site that is not nessecery limmited on Bosnia but includes most Balkan counries by googling it. It took a while to find it and was dissapointed with the site it self, the players tho are from this region and the surraoundings.

    Not sure if that helps you in any way as obviously googleing seems to solve most problems and is an alternative i opt for most of the time.

    GL n TC

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    maybe if you this site might help


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    there is also a group on this site called- chesseurope- i recived an invite from them and didnt have a look at it yet, but think you could narrow your search down. So have a look if you like.

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    stealthpawn wrote:

    Anyone know where i can play chess in Belgium? 


    Why is stealthpawn getting suggestions about clubs in the Balkans, when he is going to Brussels?

    This is an eminent club, stealthpawn.

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    Have you tried the panel on the upper side of the page with LOCAL/Clubs?

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    Yes Bjazz.. thanks anyway guys...


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