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Chess Life and old men

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    Stuck in an unbelievable traffic jam today, I grabbed the latest issue (September 2011) of Chess Life, and started leafing through it. Here is what I found in an article entitled Love Has Its Boundaries by IM Irina Krush:

    Maybe I'm an old man, but I do know a thing or two about positions, having the required experience. "Obviously Black has serious compensation for the rook, but beyond that, the only certainity is that this is no position for old men!", writes Irina. Oh, really? From the diagram positon, white has only two moves, one of which (Kf1) leads to an immediate mate. The other move, Kd1, leads to a mate after 31...Qd3, since there is no stopping either ...Nc3 mate or ...Nf2 mate. Even if black misses the mate, he can win the white queen via 31...Nf2 check. So there is no uncertainity; white is lost after 30.Qe3+.

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    What an odd thing for Krush to write! 

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    The entire article is odd. She mentions van Wely's girlfriend and their relationship, of all things.

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    and cool

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