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gg battle: a must read

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    This thread can convert your chess.com rating to FIDE.

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    This thread can make master in just 9,998 hours.

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    This thread is now long enough for syndication.

  • #184

    This thread is superior to bishop or knight.

  • #185

    You can let this thread rock and it will never pop.

  • #186

    This thread resigns and plays on!

  • #187

    This thread will never be replaced by Shemp.

  • #188

    When this thread played chess with Sun Tzu, it sat so the sun was in Tzu's eyes.

  • #189

    This thread shows what happens when you push a community too far with boring threads lol

  • #190

    This thread has kept up an impressive pace.  Approx 1 post per minute for 4 hours!

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    can this thread get me high

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    This thread has been seen as far north as Banff and as far south as Tierra Del Fuego.

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    this thread isnt better than that thread....

  • #195

    This thread automatically corrects your assertion!  It is far better than that thread.

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    but that thread has something this thread doesnt...the mojo baby

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    i might be too high, i thought this thread was GOD...but yeah its not better than that thread...that thread has more post

  • #199

    This thread > that thread

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    This thread:

    That thread:


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