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gg battle: a must read

  • #981

    chubbychocobo wrote:


    this thread notices disturbing similarities ...

    This Thread says " good one"

  • #982

    This thread admires chimps for their good taste, chimps are all hands.

  • #983
    snakesbelly wrote:

    This thread even likes orangutans and orangutans like blondes and blondes are into this thread... it's one of those win-win-win situations.

    This thread would like to be all hands with Kristen Bell, picture anyone...?

  • #984

    Nice picture chrisr2212!!

  • #985

    Is that first Lazygirl Kristen Bell?

  • #986

    Lol how can I get a job like that?

  • #987

    Snake, this thread loves that pic (1201). This_thread even smiled.

  • #988

    this_thread never smiles (anymore)

  • #989

    This thread never brings me flowers anymore...just hayfever, hangovers and hemorrhoids.  But hay look on the bright side, this thread is still a teenager.

  • #990

    This thread has forgotten more than we'll ever know.

  • #991

    I forgot already.

  • #992

    This thread's response to "a little gas" --> SUPERNOVA !

  • #993

    Archaeologists work feverishly around the clock in an attempt to unearth this thread:

  • #994

    This thread sorely misses the woman who made it what it was, trysts.

  • #995

    Weirder still, I heard she was sober.

  • #996

    This Thread demands a free membership.

  • #997

    this thread knows the ukraine goal was in but feels vindicated (a little)

  • #998

    this thread doesn't understand why milner got the start in the first place.

  • #999
    snakesbelly wrote:

    This thread makes e3nf4 sound funny


    And, the least you could do is spell my name right.

    Someday, I'll have to try that opening...when horses can fly.

    BTW, I'm not here to be funny. I'm here to smite the wicked.

  • #1000
    snakesbelly wrote:

    This thread makes e3nf4 sound funny


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