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gg battle: a must read

  • #1001

    this thread knows john terry will never play with anything but the light pieces.

  • #1002
    snakesbelly wrote:

    I will now attempt driving to work softly chanting this thread alone and not touching the steering wheel ....this is snakesbelly ...out

    Sorry to hear of your untimely death on the highway.

  • #1003

    This thread was lost now it's found.

  • #1004

    This thread is getting off topic.

  • #1005

    This thread is being invaded by snakes.

  • #1006

    And dwarfs.

  • #1007

    This thread is so stupid, it gets off topic 101% of the time.

  • #1008

    This thread has never been mellow.

  • #1009

    This thread's real name is Mr Earl.

  • #1010

    This thread isn't searching for some pie-in-the-sky summit.

  • #1011

    This thread pointedly refuses to make AndyClifton look good.

  • #1012

    This thread knows that Goldendog is out to get Rat! Surprised

  • #1013

    This thread knows what it knows!

  • #1014

    This thread had the best 4th of July party and is very proud of that!

  • #1015

    This thread clawed it's way out of the grave and now is readty to rock and roll!

  • #1016

    I've given up on gg...for fear of getting a virtual slap in the face.

  • #1017

    Where is gg's op?

  • #1018

    Sweet Mother of God! Are you people still sitting in the bar after jukebox has stopped, after the lights have come on, talking about this thread and the good old days?


  • #1019

    Oh the good old days, when the beer was free...

  • #1020

    The little nerdy girl on the bus is offering this thread a sticky gummy bear. It's soft -- it's been in her pocket all day. What's it gonna be, thread? Yes, or no?


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