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gg battle: a must read

  • #1061
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Hell is the other thread.

    Too funny!

  • #1062
    AndyClifton wrote:

    What gg really means:


    So much easier for This Thread to understand than fuoaded's posts.

  • #1063

    Other things gg can mean...

    "Great goiter!"



    Grand Guignol...


    gorgeous guacamole...

  • #1064

    gotcha good!

  • #1065
    bobyyyy wrote:

    I'm worried about this thread. I think it's dying.

    This thread won't die, it will just fade away.

  • #1066

    This thread will not fade away, it will become a cyborg and never die!

  • #1067

    goose gravy

    ghost guts

    giant gods

  • #1068

    gerbil groans

    giggling giblets

    gagging grunties

  • #1069

    great gals

    groovy guys

    good girls

  • #1070

    Is that that short actor?

  • #1071

    This thread would have wryly commented that "nothing says 1920's period film like rappish music with an auto-tuned singer introducing the movie trailer". But it can't because IT"S DEAD. DEAD I SAY.

  • #1072

    Grab the CPR paddles and let's save this thread, stat.

  • #1073

    This thread needs a needleful of adrenaline to the heart

  • #1074

  • #1075

    It needs to watch a marathon of The Family Guy.

  • #1076

    That's Thread Resurrector, hey this thread is saved!

  • #1077

    Has Rotund Boy ever cleared the hurdles?

  • #1078

    He dances like he needs to go (to the restroom).

  • #1079

    I'm guessing that goal is never too far from his mind.

  • #1080

    He could just wear Depends, we will never know.


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