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gg battle: a must read

  • #101

    This thread can handle the truth.

  • #102

    Queen Jane is coming to see this thread.

  • #103

    What everyone thought C F Kane said on his deathbed:

    What he was really saying:  "This thread."

  • #104

    This thread is ivandh's location scout.

  • #105

    This thread really is from beertopia!!

  • #106

    I went to an alehouse I used to frequent, and I told the lady my money's all spent. But when I showed her this thread, she kissed me and became quite amorous.

  • #107

    This thread secures the necessary storage space for bfs666's content.

  • #108

    This thread is stricter than Papa Kamsky and slaps harder than Mrs. Petrosian.

  • #109

    This thread is my new bff

  • #110

    This thread drove the snakes into Ireland.

  • #111

    This thread is a veritable library of modern American literature:


    The Catcher in This Thread

    The Old Man and This Thread

    For Whom This Thread Tolls

    This Thread Also Rises

  • #112

    This thread eats Cheetos and Ding Dongs all day long and never gains a pound.

  • #113

    there once was a thread named This Thread

    which charged along, full speed ahead

    the subject "good game"

    was adjudged to be lame

    so it veered for some tangents instead

  • #114

    This thread held Fischer to a draw in the 1963-64 US Championship.

  • #115

    This thread bosses the Anuunaki around.

  • #116

    This thread knows "The Secret."

  • #117

    Between Lisa and you hilarious gentlemen in this thread, I don't think I've laughed so much in quite awhile!Laughing

  • #118

    This thread filled out ouachita's profile.

  • #119

    This thread is trysts' AA sponsor.

  • #120

    This thread can divide by zero.


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