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gg battle: a must read

  • #1241

    This Thread has an entire sackful of green M & M's.

  • #1242

    This Thread bears its war wound like a crown.

  • #1243

    This Thread wears it well (a little old-fashioned, but that's alright).

  • #1244

    This Thread has never regretted that it only has one life to give for its country.

  • #1245

    This Thread is one giant leap for mankind.

  • #1246

    pushwood is still on the waiting list to post in This Thread.

  • #1247

    windows_7 unblocked This Thread.

  • #1248

    yeres chuckled with delight when reading This Thread.

  • #1249

    So did Loomis!

  • #1250

    LisaV asked This Thread if it had a sister.

  • #1251

    ciljettu asked This Thread if it had a niece.

  • #1252

    kenpo declared that This Thread's IQ was 138ish (at least).

  • #1253

    musikamole asked This Thread how to improve.

  • #1254

    ratatouie had a number of questions for This Thread.

  • #1255

    kuggie had basically just one question for This Thread.

  • #1256

    TMIM was once mauled by This Thread.

  • #1257

    In the presence of This Thread, transpo became comprehensible.

  • #1258

    So did nemo!  And hleuk!  And armhow!

  • #1259

    retguvvie read one page of This Thread and went skinny-dipping!

  • #1260

    So did greenmtnboy!


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