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gg battle: a must read

  • #1261

    Who won the battle between the Mods and the Rockers?  This Thread.

  • #1262

    Thanks to This Thread, trysts now is pregnant!

    (This Thread also wanted someone else to see it.)

  • #1263

    Before Waylon Jennings swapped places with Buddy Holly on the plane, This Thread swapped places with him.

  • #1264

    This Thread was the one driving the truck against Dennis Weaver.

  • #1265

    This Thread slept with Jane and Dejah Thoris!

  • #1266

    This Thread was the first one to point out to achintooth that he was pronouncing Shocky wrong.

  • #1267

    This Thread just saw a movie with Frankie & Annette & Fabian, and it was horrible.

  • #1268

    This Thread very much resents being misused for mere reviewing purposes!

  • #1269

    This Thread apologizes to This Thread for that breach, and promises that it will never happen again.

  • #1270

    On a clear day, This Thread can see New Jersey.

  • #1271

    This Thread faked fletcher christian's death

  • #1272

    This Thread doesn't memorise its lines.

  • #1273

    This Thread is available in IMAX.

  • #1274

    This Thread has a georgian door (it's blue)

  • #1275

    This Thread made a quilt

  • #1276

    This Thread fell in love with its mother

  • #1277

    This Thread is only pretending (acting, if you will) to be crazy.

  • #1278

    This Thread calls the scottish play "Macbeth" without flinching.

  • #1279

    This Thread will give $1,000 to any woman who can pin it

  • #1280


      *This Thread*


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