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gg battle: a must read

  • #1281

    your cleavage is staring at This Thread.

  • #1282

    This Thread can hit the hanging curve, but chooses not to

  • #1283

    This Thread spells "lose" with three Os

  • #1284

    This Thread braids its own hair

  • #1285

    This Thread cries during war movies and sports.

  • #1286

    This thread doesn't need trysts. This thread can get itself pregnant.

  • #1287

    This Thread is an open bar

  • #1288

    This Thread takes arms against a sea of troubles

  • #1289

    With This Thread along, Saturday Night chess club would be fun.

  • #1290

    This Thread knows how to pound the pavement.

  • #1291

    This Thread listenes to pavement.

  • #1292

    This thread remembers its youth fondly, when men were men and posts were clever examples of wit to all.

  • #1293

    And everyone just had one garbage can.  This big corrugated metal thing.

  • #1294

    And cars were all square and huge.  And clock radios had numbers that flipped down.

  • #1295

    And you could hear the National Anthem every night on TV.  And Donahue was the only one who talked. 

  • #1296

    This Thread recognises posts #33 and 34 as the birth of a nation.

  • #1297

    The rumours of this thread's death were greatly exaggerated.

  • #1298

    This Thread has never changed its name.

  • #1299

    This Thread has thicker skin that snakeface, but then again most do.

  • #1300

    This Thread is embarrassed for snakeface


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