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gg battle: a must read

  • #121

    This thread cured my diaper rash.

  • #122

    This thread made me blush.

  • #123

    This thread sold ZZ Top depilatory cream.

  • #124

    This thread can make bigpoison 2200 USCF within 6 months.

  • #125

    This thread made RyanGarner feel inferior!

  • #126

    This thread killed bin Laden.

  • #127

    This thread was the idiot that Nimzovich lost to.

  • #128

    This thread could bring prawn back.

  • #129

    This thread makes the best marinara sauce you've ever tasted.

  • #130

    This thread showed Sisyphus how to get the rock to the top.

  • #131

    This thread gave Kennedy the edge he needed in 1960.

  • #132

    This thread married Zsa Zsa.

  • #133

    This thread dropped the apple on Newton's head.

  • #134
    AndyClifton wrote:

    This thread is a veritable library of modern American literature:


    The Catcher in This Thread

    The Old Man and This Thread

    For Whom This Thread Tolls

    This Thread Also Rises

     And other classics, as well:

    Stairway to This Thread

    Sweet Home, This Thread

    Lucy In The Sky With This Thread

    Amazing! This Thread


  • #135

    This thread still washes your windshield and checks your oil.

  • #136

    This thread fired Trump

  • #137

    This thread knows the way to San Jose and told Burt Bacharach he was a lousy singer.

  • #138

    This thread just laughed when it saw The Exorcist!

  • #139

    This thread is tangled up in blue.

  • #140

    This thread was the one-armed man!


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