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gg battle: a must read

  • #141

    Gretzky calls this thread "The Great One"

  • #142

    This thread invented the internet

  • #143

    This thread understands ratatouie.

  • #144

    This thread played drums for The Beatles on tour when Ringo got sick.

  • #145

    This thread invented chocolate.

  • #146

    This thread taught me how to tie a tie

  • #147

    This thread is DB Cooper

  • #148

    This thread spoke to Bruce Willis, and told him, " I see sober people!"

  • #149

    This thread will hold your hair when you puke

  • #150

    This thread is preparing a hostile takeover of the universe.

  • #151

    This thread taught The Fonz how to be cool

  • #152

    This thread will flash you the peace sign

  • #153

    Mimes can't stop talking about this thread

  • #154

    This thread will find poop in space and swack it with a tennis racket thus saving us all

  • #155

    This thread is so cool, it could give you change for ice cubes

  • #156

    This thread is better looking than a long cool women in a black dress

  • #157

    I showed this thread to M.C. Hammer's this and he said this thread could touch it.

  • #158
    any elephants in this thread?
  • #159

    When this thread speaks everyone listens

  • #160

    This thread taught The Beach Boys how to harmonize


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