NYPD tickets Inwood chess players


Chess Players Ticketed by NYPD for Using Inwood Hill Park Chess Tables: (an article on yahoo.com): thoughts?


What was there reason?????????


I can kind of understand why the police do not want the men to enter the playground. The fact is that alot of the players in Washington square park doa nd sell drugs which i imagine the police do not want within the playground in NY. At the same time though alot of chess players in the parks do not do drugs and it is true chess is a good mental exercise for children that all could benefit from. 


All in all i believe that the players should be aloud to stay there as long as there is a small amount of police watch and enforcement   


why are there chess tables available?  if you have kids at the park you should be watching them not playing chess.  so i would think the tables are for people to use and they should not be surprised that people without kids are using them.  also it says the tables were seperated from the play area by a fence so one would assume that it would be accepted for people without kids to play there.  safe bet the judge throws it out and the parks dept may move the table.