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Resolved: Time slip

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    Is it possible for a player to suddenly find themselves with extra time in a particular game? I could swear a few times in one match an opponent has been down to just a couple of hours left for a move - then suddenly they have 24 hours again.

    This isn't a moan. I just want to know if I'm imagining things (it wouldn't be the first time!)

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    Yes, if the game should go into vacation time, then, when they start the game up again, they are allowed the time left that they didnt use for the vacation day.  It could be from one hour to 24 hours put back on their time.   It has happened to me as well......

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    Thanks. That makes sense. A current opponent seems to be running down the clock so that he goes on automatic vacation, just to get another 24hrs for his move!

    Takes all sorts...

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    That it does....

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