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Vancouver Cafe Chess

  • #1

    CoolThere will be a Chess Festival

    at Joe`s Cafe on Commercial Drive in Vancouver Canada

    on Thursday September 26 from 6:00 P.M. till 10:00 P.M.Cool

  • #2

    We go there every week even.

    12 people usually go but a couple weeks ago 20 folks were there.Cool

    Don`t forget to go today.

    I`m going.

  • #3

    Yes every week on Thursdays even today.

    I`m awake and will go later tonight.

  • #4

    Sounds like a good idea maybe i check around my city for a game.

  • #5

    Only one more day till Thursday.

  • #6

    Less than a week till thursday.

    I`d best be on my way over so I make it there in time.

  • #7

    Lots of folks are still going maybe even more now.

    Feel free to drop by every Thursday evening Cool when you visit Vancouver.

  • #8

    Don't forget to go to Joe's tomorrow.

    Sometimes we even play a tiny bit of bughouse.

  • #9
    Are there still games Thursday nights
  • #10

    Yep every Thursday night it is as popular as ever.

    About a dozen folks go regularly.

  • #11

    I dunno if Tkbunny has ever been there before.

  • #12
    Dale wrote:

    I dunno if Tkbunny has ever been there before.

    He probably have, he's everywhere.

  • #13

    hey Dale, do people play for money at times to render the games a little more competitive at either the Blenz or Joe's Cafe location?

  • #14

    No. We play for amusement purposes only.


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