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Who is the best person to beat Magnus Carlsen?

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    Nakamura, once he gets sick of not being champion.

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    • liang
    • MVL
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    Me  wink.png

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    SeniorPatzer wrote:
    agisdon wrote:

    actually ian nepomniatchi is the best chance. He might not have a high rating but he has the best record compared to anyone else in the world against carlsen. He has won 3 games lost 0 games and drawn 4.


    Wow!  I had no idea.   How many of those wins by Ian came before Magnus became World Champion?  I have newfound respect for Ian.  I respect all GMs, and especially GMs that are plus score against Magnus!

    Nepo won 14-15 years ago, and then a game in January 2011, when Carlsen avoided repetition draw. So it's not some kind of recent record even if Nepo avoided losses since then, which is impressive enough.

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    Kasparov will beat Carlsen for one more run with the world title
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    I'd say it would be mvl i think he has the best chance


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    Magnus could beat Magnus, but then, wouldn't that also be a loss for Magnus?

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    bob the builder

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