Who is the best person to beat Magnus Carlsen?

Nickalispicalis71 wrote:

Me of course. I have a perfect record against Carlsen, having never lost a game.

Yeah, and even better you never even made a single inaccuracy when playing against him!


So far this year in 22 games Magnus has 10 wins, no losses, 12 draws with a performance rating of 2929. He's made up for the lackluster title match performance so many are complaining about. 

I'm not sure Caruana has played at 2800 level since. Anyone care to calculate his performance since the Magnus match?


No-one can say for sure but if I was forced to make a bet my money would go on Vladislav Artemiev. He is 8 years younger than Carlsen and is the youngest top-20 player by quite a margin (4 years younger than the next youngest ... Anish Giri ).


Jon Ludwig Hammer!


I supposed it was in the WCC tied match situation.

So, Carlsen and his opponent will play chess engine from the certain initial position. The player with  the greater amount of moves will be the winner. I'll support  Anish Giri for this format.