Who will play Magnus Carlsen for the World Chess Championship?

thegreatauk wrote:

Well the breaking new's is out the challenger is.......... DUN DUN DUNNN FABIANO CARUANA!!!!

Ah, yes, this is an old thread, which began before this was known.

Gatsuuuu wrote:

Who is Magnus Carlsen and what is chess?

Chess is a board game. The particular form of chess with which we are concerned here is the modern Western game, played on a board of 8 squares by 8, with sixteen pieces on each side. There are two sides, White and Black. The sixteen pieces are eight Pawns, one King, one Queen, two Rooks, two Knights, and two Bishops. Further details, such as the complete rules for the game, are easily available on the Internet.

Magnus Carlsen is the current World Champion of this form of chess. This title is awarded under the auspices of the organization FIDE.


Calling Captain Obvious! I guess he's Canadian.


I want to see Karjakin, again!