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Why is there a Women's World Championship?

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    Elubas wrote:

    netzach: You can believe that, but you can't read my mind. In any case, at least I don't try to hurt anybody, and you do.

    electricpawn: I don't know. Is it really so wrong for me to think that it's such a bad thing? I mean, if I became a 2400 player, I would be pretty annoyed if it turned out I couldn't make a sufficient living with chess, knowing that if I were a woman I would be able to. To think -- it all came down to a coin flip -- in a sense.

    Maybe my feeling is controversial, but I think people should respect it, just like I respect their opinions.

    Screwing up threads & boring people to tears with humourless numbing banality does hurt !

    Respect is something that is earned not given out like candy...

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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Well that's just silly. It's well established that there is a continuum of mental growth and improvement as one ages towards adulthood, so that "bias" is entirely justified.

    TheGrobe, sometimes I think you are trying anything to disagree with me. I think groups based on age is justified, just like you. I'm trying to show how it's of a different nature than gender discrimination.

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    Earlier you were complaining about age discrimination....

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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Earlier you were complaining about age discrimination....

    I guess we had a misunderstanding: when I said "Nobody would be offended if you supposed a three year old much weaker than an adult," I didn't imply that I had a problem with age discrimination. I meant that it was valid to assume that a three year-old was weaker than an adult -- implying that age discrimination is often ok, and that it is invalid to assume that a woman is dumber than a man -- implying that gender discrimination is harder to justify.

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    I think I mistook your statement. In the context of your earlier comments about age discrimination I took the statement about age discrimination being less contraversial than gender discrimination to be an implication that it shouldn't be.

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    I guess, the real reason I'm so passionate about this is because the whole thing is so ignored. Male discrimination is not the worst possible thing in the world, nor is the discrimination as harsh, overall, as female discrimination, it's just that there are people who might not even know male discrimination even exists. I want to convince people that it does exist. How would we like it if a political issue we cared about wasn't even recognized by 95% of the world?

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    I like Gaugin.

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    Hey me too ! & he arrived here by accident via typo for '' Paul Hogan '' hehe..

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    Gaugin was a jerk and an idiot, but a semi-interesting painter, I guess.

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    theoreticalboy wrote:

    Gaugin was a jerk and an idiot, but a semi-interesting painter, I guess.

    doesn't that sound familiar to an chess player (BF Wink) ?

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    Nah.. him (Gauguin) & Van were superb drinkers, raconteurs, womanisers & madmen, What not to like ?   Smile

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    They were hopeless wannabe bohemians; well, Van Gogh certainly was, anyway.  Gauguin of course had more success there, but most came in such creepy fashion (the Tahitian jaunt replete with pre-pubescent girls etc) that it doesn't seem right to laud him for it.

    And how admirable can he be if I always spell his name incorrectly?

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    Well as mentioned (see previous post) google were happy with '' Gogan ''. lol !.

    Bohemian live-short burn-bright not sensible but I do admire...

    Tahiti is cess-pit nowadays & cannot blame him for that :)

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    He lived until he was 54, had sex with pre-pubescent Tahitian girls in a  coloniser-colonised relationship, and died of syphilis.  No, these are not the acts of a bright bohemian.

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    how about this


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