You're one of Fabio's Seconds. How would you help him beat Magnus?


No-one's mentioned it yet, but I really like the OPs suggestion of an expert exercise regimen tailored for maximising cognitive abilities, it's often overlooked but "aerobic physical activity [improves] cognition and brain function, at the molecular, cellular, systems and behavioural levels".

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My main piece of advice would be this:

Study the openings Magnus plays, and get very familiair with the non main lines.  I think this is part of what makes Magnus so strong.  He doesnt always play main lines.


Yes, Magnus does do that.  That's why I like Magnus so much:  He wants to steer the game away from opening prep, away from computer lines, and into mano-a-mano chess.


I remember one time where Big Vladimir Kramnik gently critiqued Magnus about not having adequate opening preparation, and then the next game they played, Magnus played 1. f4! and proceeded to beat Big Vlad with the Big Bird to the face!


I was sick and tire of Kramnik when he was the world champion, now I feel the same way about Carlsen.  I hope Caruana take his Champion title for a change


Offering advice to Caruana on how to beat Magnus is akin to offering advice to Neymar on how to play better than Lionel Messi.  I don't play nearly well enough to offer chess advice to the 2nd or 3rd best player in the world.  But I will say that I like Caruana's chances against Magnus.  At least 40 percent to win. Maybe more.  You see, Magnus had to play tiebreaker rapid games to beat Karjakin in 2016. I truly believe Caruana in 2018 is stronger than the Karjakin of 2016.  Therefore,  Magnus has to play better this November to defend his title. I do predict Magnus will play better than he did in 2016.  He now has tons of experience playing the World Championship.  And that experience may be the difference in November.