If I become a gm in chess. com, would I want to play real games or just play in chess.com?

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wat!! you gonna be a master by the end of this year buddy. good work.. keep it up.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. By looking at yosef’s progress he’ll probably reach 1300-1400..


He’s just encouraging him, geez.


I find myself doing much better on board but it really depends on your playing style.


Before I answer the question I will just point out that becoming a chess grandmaster is a long and arduous process, and if you are not willing to spend years or decades of time and effort into the game, you will never attain the grandmaster title. However, if that is your end goal, that is great! Simply be prepared to accept the disappointment of when you do not attain the grandmaster title.

The answer to the question though is, yes, you can do whatever you want (besides cheating) when you reach grandmaster title.


if you were a gm, tell it to chess.com and enjoi a free diamond membership that never expires. You only need to be a tilted player to get that.


you are more likely to become a doctor, heck even a surgeon than to become a chess Grandmaster.

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He’s just encouraging him, geez.

yeah but maybe its better for him to have a realistic view. He should view growth as an amazing thing to begin with, not immediately go for gm while he's nowhere near gm yet





I mean, chess.com is really good. If I was a Grandmaster, I would definitely choose it over a physical game, as you can see the whole board and the opponent's moves are clearer. 

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Now don't say me 700. I'm a 750

good. next target: 751


first of all yosef dont rush ur skills. look at vidit gujrathi he started late in chess and still he is one of the top players. concentrate and ull succeed. wink.png