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    Hi there...

    i inadervantly paid for a premium version after thinking payal was going to allow me to confirm after finding out how much in british pounds.


    Now, i believe i have 30 days to cancel this membership.  Where to I cancel premium service to get full refund, while continuing with basic membership.  The only things I can see is to cancel future membership, and not get refund....

    How to I cancel current membership to get full refund?


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    I hope he didn't end up with no membership and no refund! Cool

    Jupiter, you may need to contact staff to see about the refund.  Even if they've already issued it from their end it may not appear on your credit card account for a while, so you still wouldn't necessarily know.

    EDIT:  Just to add, I've had a couple interactions with staff regarding my account and status, and they're very accommodating, so don't hesitate to send them an inquiry through the support system.

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