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A Dozen Chessboards

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    Reviewing the fundations of any chess game:


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    Well done, although I like a good non glare vinyl board just fine, and think non glare cheapy paper chess boards are a pretty perfect surface. Love wood though.

    I share your disdain for notation markers (column and row letters and numbers).  :)

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    LMAO,, lays perfectly flat while not moving and reminds him a little bit like his ex-wife,, 

    nice post, thx!

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    "Personally I hate the markers they are only used by chess students and retards" hahaha nice

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    Please note I don't sell chessboards, I only research them. Please address your inquiries to resellers, google is a friend. :)


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    Thank you Count Dracula!

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    Yep, that's me.  A "special needs" chess student.  I actually add notation with stick on vinyl letters and numbers to my boards that don't have it.  At least I've gone mousepad (not reviewed) and silicone for my "rollups" instead of the "appropriately sh#tty" vinyl.  This guy is a hoot; please keep posting his reviews.

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    I personally hate alphanumeric notation on wooden chess boards too.  It just seems like wooden boards should be more elegant, and without the notation you can use either side of the board for white or black.  Plus, if you take the time to teach yourself where each square is located, you won't need the letters & numbers to tell you where that square is.

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    Wish I had a camera to post some of my boards.  Painted on notation is undoubtedly cheap and ugly looking and detracts from the boards look.  You would be surprised how elegant vinyl notation (any art store) looks especially if you seal it with a coat of poly/lacquer/whatever.  Takes a good hour or two to apply to the board to get perfect placement but the result looks like it was inlaid into the board.  And yes I'm gradually learning to speak algebraic but it's tough to teach an old dog new tricks.


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