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    Hi to all at forum, this is my very first post. I'm interesting in books about Albin Countergambit books, any.

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    You could look up Boris Altermann's Gambit guide. He does good vids on this Counter Gambit. though I can't remember where I've seen them! He is more optimistic than I am about the opening, though I've scored quite well with it.

    There's also a book called squeezing the Gambits which deals with this and a few others in fair depth. I used to own this but can't see it anywhere now.


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    Squeezing the Gambits by Kiril Georgiev.  There is no doubt a European source.

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    I started playing playing this in Online Chess here with the idea of learning it to use against 1.d4 in OTB chess. Its hard going in Online Chess when opponents can look up DBs. In OTB, no-one ever d=fell for that trap but I still did ok for the few games I ventured it.

    Frankly, after my study, I don't think much to the defence.


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