Another mystery set to identify


Can anyone help identify this nice little set?

The King is 2 3/4 inches (70mm) tall with a base of 1 1/4 inches, 31mm. The white king has a bit of a lean at the top, but the black king is completely sober. Pretty sure they are not weighted.

Thanks in anticipation.

No idea what the set is but just wanted to say it looks very nice. Where did you find it?

It turned up on a well known auction site. A good replacement for the 1980s resin set I sold last week.


nice- collectors will advise you soon bro


I can tell you that it's known as a "library sized" set, but I expect you knew that. Looks like it's British from late 19th or early 20th Century - but I expect you knew that too!

I doubt if you'll ever find out who the maker is. I have a few of these old Staunton sets and no idea who the maker is for most of them. I do know that I've seen that style of Knight before but I cannot remember where. I'm guessing it didn't come with the box?

If you do find out the maker, please let us know.

IpswichMatt wrote:

... I'm guessing it didn't come with the box?

It did, and here it is. I have seen an identical box on an old eBay listing, same simple clasp on the front, same green lining in the lid, and the set was virtually the same (different size I think). It was being sold as an Ayres set, but that was because it came with a board which had their name on, so no real proof.