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"antique russian" CB set...your thoughts?

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    What do you guys think of this one?   The pieces are very minimalist but recognizable, but again I am mainly interested in this knight, it's well balanced and cheerful! happy.png



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    Very beautiful! Looks neat and happy

  • #3

    I like the style. Maybe one day I'll buy something "Russian." My latest purchase was a Dubrovnik style set, and that's in the post. Absolutely, definitely, not buying any more sets until that one arrives and I've had some time using it! happy.png

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    I have both this CB set and its original soviet counterpart.

    The original soviet knights that are reproduced by CB in their set were plastic with wooden bases. The original soviet set was also unweighted.

    The CB set is otherwise an excellent reproduction, differing from the originals only in having slightly shorter rooks. being better turned, weighted, and polished rather than heavily lacquered, which largely amounts to a considerably better looking and more practically playable chess set, in my opinion.

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