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    I have The Controversial Samisch King's Indian by Chris Ward, it is an awesome book that is entirely on the White side of the Samisch.  

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    samisch so op

    prob my favorite opening, as white of course

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    I don't think that book applies to any rating level specifically, most opening tomes can be applied by players at 1500 level to GM.  And yes, there is lots of theory in this book but that is inherent in the King's Indian...it is a very theoretical defense.  The book is a fun read though, Chris Ward is a good writer and talks to you in conversational style while showing many illustrative games and going over ideas.  

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    "The Ultimate Anti-Grunfeld" gives a white repertoire that features the Samisch KID and f3 lines against the Grunfeld.

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    wait For IM Chessexplained book, he uis an expert on this opening

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    I do know you're looking for a book, but thought you may also be interested to know Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn just released a very instructive video for battling the Samisch. Might be helpful to see it from the other side too. Not just the moves and best replies, but also the ideas and "why"s. (It may be only once you get your diamond membership, not sure.)

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