Any Competitor to Monroi Chess?

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    hey chess friends just wanted to let you know the plycounter is wonderful and it does come  uscf endorsed it is a big help to your game as far as recording and going over it enjoy

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    i have been using plycounter.

    But, lots of issues with that.

    It is easy to use. but so many bugs

    First of all, date and time resets to 1/1/2001 every time I turn off and turn it on

    after i transferred my games to PC, i deleted games from plycounter. It says it deleted it. BUT, all games are still in plycounter.

    Will I recommend this? May be not.

    I think you get what you pay for. cheap,so cheap product.

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    I'd stay away from the Plycounter.

    The devices are known to go dead and their customer service is a pain in the ass the work with as well as slow.

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