Any Competitor to Monroi Chess?

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    I would refuse to play OTB against anyone using any electronic device.

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    klimski wrote:

    I would refuse to play OTB against anyone using any electronic device.

    If it's a FIDE approved device, you'll be forfieted. 

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    The device would have to be modded to either have an engine or to send the moves to an external accomplice or device for any useful information to get back to you. 

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    I have the plycounter, and yes it makes things easier.  But im a paper and pen type of guy myself.  Somestimes easier isnt always the best way.

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    For the move broadcast, the site has to have special equipment and software. Now, getting the device to send the relay to something else and a way to get back suggestions would probably be easier.

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    Monroi was solving a problem that did not exist.  I find this and like devices rather ridiculous.  Moreover, it's easy to disguise a small computer as one and cheat: how many players are really going to demand to see what you're using?  And how many TDs actually check? As cheating becomes more and more widespread (it seems), these are best banned and something used that has stood the test of time: a pen and paper.

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    Spassky69 wrote:

    Monroi was solving a problem that did not exist.  I find this and like devices rather ridiculous. 

    The practical value of these devices is without question.  Trying to say otherwise just makes you look out of touch.

    Of course, their use raises other issues of great concern to over the board chess players.

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    KBachler wrote:
    Eyechess wrote:

    Brian, I have had and used a Plycounter now for well over 5 months.  i have had no problems with it.

    In fact I find it easier to use and more reliable than the eNotate system that I had and used on 3 different Dell Axim devices.  Yes, the Dell Axims went kapow.  And the software even had a glitch in it at the end, with the newest version.  Alas, Sevan has passed away and I am sure there will be no improvements to that system.  I also think his widow has shut down his Chess businesses and I am strongly suspicious that it is no longer available.

    What glitch?

    During the post mortem and playing the game score back, the program would freeze at an arbitrary point and not proceed giving any further moves on the device.  It did not always happen and it never happened at the same move or place in the game.  However it happened enough to be quite annoying.

    This was a definite software flaw as I tried it on 2 different devices with the same program iteration.  And happened consistently at the same point in the same game at all times.  It did not matter if I rebooted the device, re-saved the pgn and tried again or anything.

    I had talked with Sevan about the problem 3 or 4 times, so he knew about it.  His response was that it was indeed a glitch in the software.  I even sent him the pgn for him and his programmer to look at, with no success.

    I just quietly quit using the device and eNotate program for about 8 months.  I had used it for about 5 years, going through 2 or 3 Dell Axims.

    It was November of last year that I ended up buying the Plycounter and it has worked with no problems since.

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    Ah, I didn't use a Pocket PC but a Dell Axim 51.  It was probably due to that format.

    When I first started with the program, in 2010, Sevan led me to the Dell Axim telling me the Pocket PC was a lot less common.  And it worked just fine for 4 years or so.  That is when Sevan had the program updated and the unit I was using quit, so I had to get another. 

    I didn't want to spend over $90 for a unit, especially since the Plycounter costs something like $180 while being a new device that is totally dedicated to scorekeeping.

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