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Any Competitor to Monroi Chess?

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    We recently released a digital chess players journal app for club and tournament players. Whilst it cannot be used at the board it does offer a really practical tool straight after a match for recording paper scoresheets up into the cloud for permanent storage. 


    Key features:

    - Record paper scoresheets straight to phone or tablet

    - built in engine

    - PGN import and export for use with other chess software

    - create and track personal improvement goals

    - statistics across your competitive season

    - available on both Apple and Android devices


    More information is here: http://chessjournalapp.com


    or our blog: https://thechessjournalblog.wordpress.com


    Some players to n this thread might find it useful.






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    I bet they don't approve any smart device for this purpose for fear of some kind of cheating.  like smartphones, ipads etc


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