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Aquarium 2014 out, impossible to download

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    These guys have no clue how to sell software. A labyrinth to find the software you want, then click on hundred buttons like an animal to buy it ...

    ... and then it doesn't download. Errors out. After a dozen tries, wait for it, the link expires!

    Then you have to email them for another link. They don't answer. You wait.

    Waiting ...

    I'm mad as hell.

    Oh, there's a skype link in support pages. How did I miss that? Me happy now!!!!

    Add contact.

    "Contact Pending."



    Nobody there.



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    They don't have a clue on how to run a secure server, either. I ran an SSL Labs check of their secure server (https://chessokdotcom), and here is the result:


    A big, fat "F" due to supporting the insecure SSL 2 protocol. Surprised

    They might have the best of intentions, but would I buy from that site? No way, José!


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