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Are There Any More?

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    I mean this topic with all respect and honesty. 

    I began coming to this forum in November of 2014.  At the time I owned 7 wood chess sets.  Yes, 2 of them were Noj sets, Dubrovnik II and BCE Stage 2, Eastern with stainless bases.  And the others were pretty much all HoS sets.

    I immediately started learning and seeing Chess set designs that I did not know existed.  I also became much more educated in the nuances and details of the Jaques Staunton design sets.

    At about every 2 or 3 months, I would see someone post about a set design that was new to me and I found I really would like to have a set of that design.  So, over the next 2 1/2 years, I ended up buying more sets until I had about 34 wood sets compared to my original 7.

    There is still a design or so that I would like to have but they cannot be found.  A perfect example is the Chavet set that Ronbo has shown numerous times that was used in a World Championship.

    We have seen the Dubrovnik design offered by a number of companies and a second, original reproduction from Noj.  We have the various Soviet design sets including the Soviet Tal design offered by CB as well at the Tal set now offered by Noj, thanks to Chuck and Phil.  We also have seen the Piatigorsky or Steiner design come forth from OS and HoS, primarily.  There also are the BCE set designs available from Noj or the BCE site itself.

    As far as the Staunton designs, we have the various year era reproductions from 1849 to later in the 20th century.  And they have been available in different sizes.

    We also have the Lardy sets, Spanish, Romanian and South American sets.

    We also have seen sets like the B H Wood and BCC sets as well as the Liberty Series and other non-Jacque designed Staunton sets.

    I recently decided to cut back my inventory because I use my sets to play with and am not anything close to a pure collector.  Of course I am reticent on getting the sets out and pictures taken and packed for shipping, but I look to do that soon, Bob and others.

    I called The House of Staunton a couple of weeks ago and I asked if they were going to have any new and interesting releases this fall and early winter, as they have had for at least 17 years that I can recall.  I was told that they are not coming out with any new wood, sets or boards, releases this year.  They do have their holiday inventory in already.  So nothing new from HoS.

    I have not seen any real new to me designs shown in the last number of months. 

    Have we run out of new and interesting set designs?

    Are we now going to basically be repeating ourselves when talking about sets and their designs?

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    Perhaps you've come to the end of the road in relation to your chess set collecting? This happens.

    Before I started collecting chess sets I used to collect British Waltham 'trench watches', but after acquiring my trench watch 'grail', and having seen and researched almost everything there was to learn about this topic, I've since moved on.

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    Minarima wrote:

    Perhaps you've come to the end of the road in relation to your chess set collecting? This happens.


    This might be true.  I collect Chess sets for playing purposes.  If I am not going to play with a set I will not own it.

    I guess I am then happy with the memory of being on this forum while these sets were being introduced to all others on this forum.  For instance the Dubrovnik 1950 Original from Noj, the Piatigorsky by Official Staunton,, the Soviet Latvian by Chess Bazaar are all sets that came into existence while I was participating on this forum.


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    As for sheer variety, I think we will always be spoiled for choice. The possibilities for adaptations of known designs, with or without slight changes, are near endless. However, as a fellow non collector who happens to have sets to play with also, I have to say that finding sets that play very well is a challenging task. I love my player's series despite the fact that I think it has some shortcomings. I am sure I will love the Noj dubrovnik II in walnut I have on order. I have looked at other designs from OS and HoS and although nothing yet has struck my fancy, perhaps something will. Besides this, I have to say I'm still fascinated with tournament size Jacques sets and their reproductions. 3,5 " Is perfect for play I think, and I don't think modern-day suppliers have used nearly enough opportunities to reproduce examples from sets in this size.

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    Collect non Staunton sets! Barleycorn, St George!
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    There is also the option that, if you can't find the set that you feel to be 'the next one', you can always create your own.

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    Hi Ron, I still think the 1904 Cambridge Springs set is more than interesting.  The K/Q/R are very unique in this set. There are pictures on previous posts and I have a ton on my computer but I do not have the dimensions for the set.   I do know the chess boards looked crowded back in 1904.  Anyways that is probably the last set I will buy for many years if it ever comes out.  I do not mind seeing it even done in ebonized boxwood.  


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    Well Mike, for this set and others to be made we will need to look at others than House of Staunton.  They are not coming out with anything new for the first time in many years.


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