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Beginner's Book

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    While I have played a lot of games on here at Chess.com I am by no means experienced. I am intersted in reading some chess books to gain more knowlegdge. I'm not entirely looking to become a master at chess, but I truly enjoy the game and would like a better overall understanding of how and why the game works and reasons for making certain moves, etc. I would like to be able to read a board and understand a specific player has an advantage over the other based on position.


    Can anyone point me in the direction of some chess books for beginners that will help me better understand this amazing game?


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    This has been asked a few times before, and after going over those threads recently I decided on three general purpose beginner level chess books for myself (I am also a beginner) to start with:

    Chess Fundamentals (Jose Capablanca)
    Play Winning Chess (Yasser Seirawan)
    Logical Chess: Move by Move (Irving Chernev)

    Also, study as many tactics problems as you can. I got the ebook for Tactics Time: 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players (Jim Brennan). It is good for beginners and they did a great job making it work in an ebook format.

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    Just a few previous threads to get you started:


    And let me give you a link to Coach Heisman's book list too:


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    Tarrasch's The Game of Chess....follow it up with his Three Hundred Games of Chess and tactical study.



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    Oh.....you can also learn a good deal from this classic as well.....


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    Your First Move by Alexei Sokolsky

    It's out-of-print but an awesome book.

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    For a beginner checkout Predator at the Chessboard. You can buy the books (there are 2) . Or you can read what is in them on the authors site here.


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    cornbeefhashvili wrote:

    Your First Move by Alexei Sokolsky

    It's out-of-print but an awesome book.

    I have heard good things about this book. Unfortunatly, I will not pay the outrageous prices some are asking for it.

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    wow, I did not expect this much feed back. Thank you guys. I'll take a peek at all of these and decide where to start. You guys are great. 

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    Logical Chess: Move by Move (Irving Chernev) otherwise dan heissman novice nooks


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