Best Book . . .


What is the best chess book to read for aggressive attacking play?  Thanks.


I have this one, not read it yet but heard from a few people it's pretty good:


Yep, noticed that one Scott. Said perhaps only players 1600 or above should read it - i'm about 1350.  What about Attacking Chess: The French, anyone read it? Reviews?  I'm leaning toward it right now. 


I can't see a book on attacking within a single opening being good for a beginner. Seems a bit limiting.


Yes, i was already seeing your point, Scott, then I found this book.  Maybe it's good.


Predator at the chessboard is actually brilliant. Really well written, easy to understand, but fairly basic.


I recommand you: Attack with Mikhail Tal.

This book is in the same style of the art of attack in chess but more easy to understand and more entertaining in my opinion.

p.s. Both are great.


Thanks all, i've ordered a couple suggested and will check out the predator thing.  Should keep me busy for 6 months.  See you on the other side of 1600. 


Personally, if you want to get to 1600 I would recommend that you study mostly endgames and middlegames. Though openings are important in chess, they are not as important until you get high rated. For endgame books I would strongly recommend that you read Jeremy Silman's Complete Endgame Course. Also, if you want to play aggressively you can practice a lot of chess tactics on many websites for free. Best one that comes to my mind is One thing to keep in mind though is that as you play stronger players being too aggressive may not be that helpful. I know that first hand because I am an e4 player and my mindset in chess games is to look for tactics rather than focusing on the positional aspects of chess. So being aggressive is fine but you have to know when to play aggressively as opposed to when to play positionally depending how the position is. Though i haven't read it, I would probably think that Jeremy Silman's book on Strategy is good book for you to understand the middlegame.


Thanks Fischer, i've found chesstempo and use it every day.  Wow, i'm liking that Predator so far - can see it'll really help.  Also can see that Predator and tactics quizes are two different things, both valuable. 


I learn something from every book I pick up.No best one - yet !


Thanks, I'll check that one out too Shadow. Holy Cheesecake Palomino - so many good books and references, so little time. Hey, it must be a classic.(by the price) Love the cover.


"The Art of Chess Combination," by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky.


Think you clicked on a wrong link for $252 there :-) Try this edition instead:


There it is, for $18 and change.(First Book of Morphy)  I looked at the table of contents though, and it seems very basic - don't move same piece twice in the opening, get knights out before bishops, don't move Q out early, castle asap, etc.  Is it still a good one for a <1500 player?


I have all these "classics" - Buy the books now - then when you're my age - they are all classics.

DavyWilliams wrote:

it seems very basic - don't move same piece twice in the opening, get knights out before bishops, don't move Q out early, castle asap, etc.  Is it still a good one for a <1500 player?

Whatever the price is on Amazon, I'll knock 10 percent off that.

I learned much from writing A First Book of Morphy, and players better than I said they got some benefit from it.

I'll never understand why people have a hard time reading chess notation without check and capture symbols — they're superfluous — but I put 'em in my next book, in which folks don't like the chapter headings. 


Sorry Frisco, I already bought it.


I love to attack and sacrifice. If you like playing like Mikhail Tal or Alexei Shirov I recommend this book written by Tal himself.

Also Tal's other book is quite insightful.

I know that I like Tal too much but still I think his ideas are immensely helpful.


Just got that book today in the mail, Attack by Tal.  Just perusing it a bit, man he likes to sacrifice and then destroy.